LOOK FOR THE NEWEST FEATURE FROM HISTORIA FILMS, HALLOWED GROUND, RELEASING JUNE 7, 2019 in limited theatrical release and JUNE 13 on major streaming platforms.

The DEMONS team is pleased to announce that our film will hold its WORLD PREMIERE at the Jerome Indie Film and Music Festival in early September in a sure-enough Arizona ghost town!

DEMONS director/star Miles Doleac is coming to SyFy Channel for Shark Week 2017 in MISSISSIPPI RIVER SHARKS!

In addition to DEMONS, you can check out the following short films from Miles Doleac and Historia Films, TWO BIRDS, LIGHT & SHADOW and HANDSOME. 

Exclusive photos, filmmaker comments: Some new DEMONS are coming | Rue Morgue

No relation to the Lamberto Bava gorefest, the psychological/supernatural chiller DEMONS sees release this Halloweentime. We’ve got exclusive pics from the movie to share, plus words with its creator and news of its premiere.

‘Demons’ Channels ‘The Exorcist’ This October | Bloody Disgusting

Miles Doleac’s supernatural Demons has wrapped, zeroing in on an October theatrical release.

Featuring a superlative ensemble, many of whom are known for their work in the horror and sci-fi field, including writer-director-star Miles Doleac (American Horror Story), Wishmaster’s Andrew Divoff, and “Smallville” alum John Schneider, Demons tells of a celebrated fiction writer and former priest who, along with his wife, are tormented by the ghost of her late sister, as the details of her grisly death are slowly uncovered.

Uncork’d Entertainment Will Unleash ‘Demons’ This October | Horror Fuel

Miles Doleac’s (American Horror Story) supernatural thriller Demons has now wrapped and is aiming at an October theatrical release. A brand image from the film has arrived and we have it to share with you.

‘Wishmaster’s’ Andrew Divoff Battles ‘Demons’ in This Exclusive Trailer Debut! | Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting has the exclusive world premiere trailer debut for Miles Doleac’s supernatural Demons.

Featuring a superlative ensemble, many of whom are known for their work in the horror and sci-fi field, including writer-director-star Doleac (American Horror Story), Wishmaster’s Andrew Divoff, and “Smallville” alum John Schneider, Demons tells of a celebrated fiction writer and former priest who, along with his wife, are tormented by the ghost of her late sister, as the details of her grisly death are slowly uncovered.

#Demons trailer from Uncork'd Entertainment from director Miles Doleac! Sub for more trailers and horror interview

‘Demons’ Will Be Unleashed This October | Horror Fuel

Demons will be unleashed this October by Uncork’d Entertainment. From writer-director-star Miles Doleac comes this supernatural tale of terror set in Savannah, Georgia.

Talking Pictures: (Advanced/1st Review) DEMONS VOD/Limited Theatrical 10/6/17 EPISODE #235

Host Paul Boorh interview Miles Doleac writer and director of DEMONS coming to VOD and other platforms Miles will tell us about. The film releases 10/6/17. Superb by Editing by Jared Hollingsworth.

Miles Doleac’s Demons Conjures Up a Release Date, New Trailer, and More! | Dread Central

In early August we learned that Demons, which tells of a celebrated fiction writer/former priest and his wife, who are tormented by the ghost of the woman’s late sister, is heading our way in October from Uncork’d Entertainment; and now we have the film’s trailer, new artwork, and official release date to share!

Horror Highlights: Cavitycolors’ SOCIETY Shirts & Pins Collection, DEMONS, DON’T SLEEP, ELLIOT, THE ATONING | Daily Dead

The gorgeous gore of Brian Yuzna's Society comes to life in Cavitycolors' new shirts and pins collection, and we have a look at the new releases in today's Horror Highlights, which also includes release details on Demons, Don't Sleep, Elliot, and The Atoning.

Believe in Demons with Trailer for Possession Shocker | Scream Horror Magazine

Uncork’d Entertainment have announced the October release of exorcism shocker Demons with a new trailer and poster, together with a few stills from the film.

Review: Miles Doleac’s DEMONS | Horror Society

Is there such a thing as a classy horror film? Do they exist? I think so, and Miles Doleac’s Demons is a representation of that. Expert cinematography with stunning visuals match a cast of reserved performers in a glamorous location.

Demons (2017) | Movie Reviews 101

Director: Miles Doleac

Writer: Miles Doleac (Screenplay)

Starring: John Schneider, Andrew Divoff, Steven Brand, Gary Grubbs, Miles Doleac, Kristina Emerson, Yohance Myles

 Plot: Celebrated fiction writer and former priest, Colin Hampstead, and his wife, Kayleigh, are tormented by the ghost of her late sister, as the details of her grisly death are slowly uncovered.

REEL REVIEW: DEMONS (2017) | Morbidly Beautiful

New review from "Demons is an excellent film that brings something fresh to the exorcism genre." 

While it may be too long and slow moving for some, Demons is a solid exorcism film that has plenty of satisfying twists and turns to keep you guessing. 

Indie Zone: Interview with Miles Doleac, writer/director of Demons | Sci-Fi & Scary

Talking with Miles Doleac 

Do you have to be a fan of horror– particularly these types of horror films – to direct one?

Miles Doleac: I think the subject matter, or some element of it...

Interview with actor Miles Doleac | 2 to 3 with Janet Leigh

 2 to 3 with Janet Leigh talks with Actor, Director, Writer Miles Doleac about his feature film Demons as well as his career.

Interview with actor Miles Doleac of ‘American Horror Story’ | Blasting News

Actor and scholar Miles Doleac discusses his experience working in entertainment, teaching college, and more.

Miles Doleac’s ‘Demons’ (2017) Movie Review | Pop Horror

This October, the Devil comes home in Miles Doleac's Demons, a film about a girl becoming possessed and what her exorcism results in.

Exclusive Interview: Actress Lindsay Anne Williams Talks New Horror Film Demons | Alien Bee

Lindsay Anne Williams is an actress and producer, known for the acclaimed short Two Birds (2016) and the features The Hollow (2016) and The Historian (2014). Her new film, Demons, which reunites the talented thesp...

Exclusive: Interview With ‘Demons’ Star Lindsay Anne Williams | The Nightmare Network

Lindsay Anne Williams, known for the acclaimed short Two Birds (2016) and feature The Hollow (2016), takes some time to tell us about her new film, Demons.

Demons (2017) Review | That Moment In

Demons is a pretty solid possession movie that may tread on familiar ground but has plenty good going for it, including a round of good performances.

INTERVIEW: Filmmaker And Actor Miles Doleac On His Latest Film ‘Demons’| That Moment In

Miles Doleac is an actor, writer, and director whose latest film Demons arrives in October. I recently had the opportunity to ask him about the movie and his career in the industry.

Miles Doleac & Lindsay Anne Williams from Demons | The Dorkening

The devil comes to town this October when Demons, We interview director and star Miles Doleac and Lindsay Anne Williamm coming to VOD in October 6th.

Demons | The Fleapit Cinema and Video Shop

 A young girl is seemingly possessed and the local priest is tasked at performing an exorcism.  Our film begins with the death of the afore mentioned girl and we fast forward in time to where the priest has left the church and married the girl’s sister.

‘Demons’ Possesses A Theatrical And VOD Release Date | Horror Fuel

The devil comes to town this October when Demons, written, directed and starring Miles Doleac, arrives in theaters and on VOD.

Demons | Starburst Magazine

After fatally bungling an exorcism, a priest called Colin hangs up the dog collar and becomes a famous writer instead. The past isn’t so easily left behind though, and Colin and his wife are harangued by the tormented ghost of her sister, as well as the sins of their past. Because the ‘demons’ are metaphorical too, see.

Interview: Miles Doleac Director & Star of “DEMONS” | Slackjaw Punks

Miles Doleac is the type of actor I enjoy watching. He’s a character actor, something that doesn’t get the respect it once did. Doleac, would be the type of guy John Ford would have around in his “picture”. Maybe in one western he’d be the town drunk or in another a ruthless outlaw...

New Movie Release: Demons | KT Review

If The Exorcist and The Shinning had a baby…

Demons stars Andrew Divoff, John Schneider, Lindsay Anne Williams, Steven Brand, Kristina Emerson, Gary Grubbs, and Miles Doleac – who also wrote and directed.

New Release Review (VOD) - DEMONS | The Movie Waffler

Time to dust off your Bibles everyone (and flip to James 4:7, theology geeks) as, following its unholy heyday in the 1970s, it looks as if the religious horror film is back!

Amber Faces Off Against DEMONS | Sinful Celluloid

The first glimpse after the music shocks us to life is of a bloodied priest visibly shaken as he silently prays. Night has fallen; the priest is kneeling outside in the quiet darkness obviously trying to come to grips with what has just taken place. . We learn that an exorcism was performed but it has gone terribly wrong. As the priest drives away, the ghost of a young girl appears in the street; startling him and possibly making him become even more unhinged.

[Review] Demons (2017) | Gruesome Magazine

Vanessa returns to review another supernatural feature. This week it is Demons (2017) from director Miles Doleac. Along with Doleac, the film stars Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), John Schneider (‘’Smallville’’), Lindsay Anne Willams (The Hollow), Steven Brand (Hellraiser : Revelations), Kristina Emerson (“NCIS : New Orleans”), and Gary Grubbs (Free State of Jones). 

Review: Demons (2017) | Beyond the Gore

Demons is a supernatural horror movie written and directed by acting veteran Miles Doleac. Doleac also stars in the movie as a priest who is haunted by the ghost of a girl who died during a failed exorcism.

Demons – Movie Review | Hellnotes

A former priest-turned-author and his wife trudge through life, dealing with their past as little as possible. On the eve of a friend’s wedding and the celebration of his latest book, they’re visited by a heavy presence that demands handling. Can they hold tight to their sanity?

Low Budget Exorcism Drama Demons Shows Spunk | Movie Freak

Even though he harbored strong reservations, Father Colin Hampstead (Miles Doleac) decided to proceed with the exorcism of mentally unbalanced 17-year-old Jewel Grant (Jessica Harthcock).

Movie Review: Demons |Haddonfield Horror

“… though all our knowledge begins with experience, it by no means follows that all arises out of experience. For, on the contrary, it is quite possible that our empirical knowledge is a compound of that which we receive through impressions…

Movie Review: Demons (2017) | Toxic Fletch

A tautly directed thriller brings together a talented cast and excellent writing that takes us on a journey of the underbelly of the human soul and like its namesake... Demons gets under your skin.

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